Terms and conditions Anigen

When interpreting this report, you must take into account the following assumptions that may affect how you apply the results.

When a para-veterinary, veterinarian and/or specialist gives advice that isn’t in line with the report, we recommend you to follow the advice of the para-veterinary, veterinarian and/or specialist.

There can be different situations where it is better to not follow the report.

Consult a specialist if you’re at any time not sure what is best to do in your situation.

Responsibility  & Liability
The report that you get is put together with the utmost care by experts. But Omnigen BV, her daughter company Anigen BV and her employees are not responsible for your own actions and the consequences of them in response to the report. Omnigen BV. her daughter company Anigen BV and her employees accept no liability for the damage or costs that result from following the results and advice of the genetic research.

This exclusion of liability includes, but is not limited to, damage resulting from the loss of data, personal consequential damage, injury, direct or indirect damage to third parties or the possession of third parties or liabilities to third parties. The above statement does not affect your rights as a consumer in any way. And none of the above retain, reduce liability in the case of intentional fraud.