Instructions on how to collect the sample

You can easily perform our DNA-test yourself.

  • Order the test via
  • Pull 20-30 hairs from your horse’s tail. It is important that the roots are attached to the hairs.
  • Stick the hair on this document as instructed in the included example
  • Put the hair in a plastic bag or an envelope.
  • Important: if you send multiple samples, use a different bag for each horse!
  • Write down the order number and the name of the horse on the plastic bag envelope.
  • Download and print the sample form.
  • Fill in the form for each horse separately and add these to your shipment.
  • You will receive a confirmation from us as soon as we have received your sample.
  • Within four weeks after receiving we will send you the results by email.

There are no shipping costs for sending the sample to us. You can send your sample for free to the following Freepost address:

Omnigen t.a.v. Anigen
Antwoordnummer 14003
2645 ZZ Delfgauw
The Netherlands


Download step-by-step plan