Do you think it would be fun to join scientific research together with your animal? To be able to do a study we often only need a couple of hairs. Besides that, we would like to get more detailed information about certain horse traits. Are you interested? Then contact us via .

Would you like to have your data analyzed by our scientist or are you interested in setting up a collaboration? Anigen offers different possibilities when it comes to bioinformatics consultancy and genetic research.

The research activities of Anigen are aimed at showing the genetic background of certain diseases and traits of animals. For the time being horses in particular. With our studies, we try to determine which part of the DNA is important for the development of:

  •         A disease;
  •         A certain behavioral trait
  •         The basis for performances in the sports world

We mostly use Illumina technology for the genotyping of animals, or we make smart use of public databases. We perform genome-wide association studies, develop new algorithms and apply them. We have the expertise to work with the following types of data:

  •         Genotypes;
  •         RNA-sequencing;
  •         Microbiome mixtures;
  •         DNA-methylation

Our projects are being done in collaboration with other commercial and academic parties. We also have a couple of interns at our department regularly who help with performing a genetic study.

Can we help with your study with advice or data-analyses? Do you see possibilities to work together on animal genetic research? Then contact us via .