Test if your horse is carrying WFFS, only €40!


Animal genetics and biological services.

By using a simple DNA-test we can nowadays determine different genetic risks. For example

    • The development of illnesses like dwarfism in Frisian horses;
    • Physical characteristics like the color of the fur;
    • Genetic aptitude for certain race distances.

Anigen keeps up with developments in this field by reading up on the newest scientific research and we conduct relevant studies ourselves.

About Anigen

Anigen is a group of scientist who wants to make DNA-research available for animal-lovers. It doesn’t matter if those people are veterinarians, breeders or hobbyist. With the help of the DNA-research of Anigen, you can easily and quickly find out what the strengths and weak point are of the animal. You can use this information to adjust the breeding process or training accordingly.

Since recently, Dutch horse-owners are getting worried about the Warmblood Fragile Foal Syndrome (WFFS). Tests for this hereditary disorder are already available abroad and can now also be done by Anigen. It is a simple DNA test for which sending in a few hairs of the horse is enough.



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May 2019


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